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Garbage Chute Cleaning Australia

Chute Cleaning Australia Pty Ltd has developed a unique process for the cleaning and sanitising of garbage chutes. The process has been developed ‘in house’ and is the only one of this kind in Australia..

We have developed, due to the high demand, a Garbage Chute Cleaning system to eliminate odours, vermin, harmful bacteria and flammable grease.

This is a unique technical process developed by Douglas Wright Group Pty Ltd. Our ‘Hydra jet’ system will thoroughly clean built up grime and sanitise the entire garbage chute system including the compactor rooms, bins and hopper doors.

It has now become an WH&S issue along with a WorkCover issue to ensure your bins and chutes are kept clean to comply with the rules and regulations of local Councils and the Environment Protection Act.

Garbage chutes are breeding grounds for harmful bacteria and pathogens, some of these bacteria include Tuberculosis, Weils Disease from rodents, Salmonella, E Coli, Listeria and many more that develop quickly in discarded food and receptacles.

Every time the chute door is opened these germs and bacteria become airborne. Cleaning of your chute is not only proving your commitment to providing a clean and safe building in terms of germs but also greatly lessens the risk of a fire generating from the garbage chute.

Laboratory Report - View report

Please read the laboratory report on samples recently taken from garbage chutes.

  • Sample A: This is a scraping taken from a chute which had not been cleaned for over 12 months. 
  • Sample B: This is a scraping taken from a chute cleaned quarterly and three and a half months into the quarter. 
  • Sample C: This is a scraping taken from a chute cleaned quarterly and one and a half months into the quarter.

The scale on the test results is out of ten so it is easy to note that a regular clean, disinfect and sanitise is paramount for hygiene and the safety of all residents and workers.

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